The Rundown


So this past weekend was M’s birthday weekend (something I have taken from my friend Lynn who actually does birthday weeks).  I woke up at 4:47am Saturday morning after falling to sleep early Friday night (oh and had to argue with M when he came to bed to give me the alarm cause he wasn’t getting up early, mainly because I didn’t know how early I would wake up).  I tip toed out of the room but of course he still woke up and had an idea of what I was doing but went back to sleep anyways.  I proceeded to decorate.  Oh yes I did for a grown man because every-ones birthday should be special!.  I hung two birthday banners and got out the helium balloons I bought, but up streamers and then inflated 15 regular balloons.  Some of those I hung next to the banner while the others covered the floor in the livingroom and kitchen.  I set up the presents all pretty too.  I don’t think I got back into bed until almost 5:40 or later.  So Yeah I ROCK!  We then slept in until 8am I think it was.

He knew I did something out there but when he walked out he couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t know how much I had decorated (Cause I rock).  He said that he has never had someone do that for him before.  Made me feel good!  So we opened presents (3 shirts, golf book, and CD from me; money from his mom, and gift cards from my mom).  I told him there was cake in the fridge that we could have for breakfast which of course he agreed to.  I put 29 candles on it and lit them all.  He blew them out in one take so I was impressed.  Cake for breakfast, was good!  I sang to him.  He like the way I sang one birthday song to him all weekend.  Went something like “Its your birthday! Your Happy Happy Birthday!”  I would shake as I sang it.  He thought it was cute beyond belief and kept asking me to sing it.

We had pizza for lunch and then did a little shopping at Sears.  He got 2 more shirts that were on clearance.  We found an awesome deal on patio furniture.  10pc set for 174.00.  I wanted it he wanted it but we could get other things for that money which we don’t have at the moment anyways.  Also Xmas is coming which means saving for buying gifts.

We were going to go to a movie but then realized we rather do other things like go to Lowes.  First we drove through an older neighborhood in town that had killer houses.  One of them was for sale for 297,000.  We would take it for 260,000 since it needs to be updated but it was nice.  Can’t take it anyways since we are going to be moving.

We headed to Lowes.  They have Christmas stuff out people.   I was happy as a clam.  I love Christmas.  I don’t mind seeing it early. They also had the lights out for sale.  We wanted to buy the LED lights cause of the better quality and savings on the power bill.  They wanted $20 for 33ft of either c-5 or smaller.  I said I bet COSTCO would be cheaper if they had them. . . . ROAD TRIP!  In the car we got ourselves and drove an hour north.  

Yes, Costco had them and for $6 cheaper.  We got 5 boxes of c-5 and then 3 boxes of the size smaller but they aren’t miniature.  I also bought my Christmas cards, a remote switch for the lights, and of course Halloween candy and lights.  Spent almost $200 but saved $50 for the lights if we had bought them back home.

Off we went to a golf shop where M was in heaven.  He didn’t buy anything though, I will say that bummed me out.  Then we went to the book store.  I bought 3 books.  I am addicted.  Then homeward bound.  We stopped off for a birthday dinner where we had fried chicken and some spuds.   Yum.  I sang some more to him, he smiled which warmed my heart.

Woke up at 2:00am with monster cramps.  I took some midol, a hot bath laid on a heating pad and after about 1 hour was able to fall back asleep.  I wanted to throw up the entire time.  I hate my periods.  I need to try the Fish Oil capsules  I was told about.  So needless to say I am not pregnant.  I told M he gets to wrap his tool for a few more months until we is more sure that right now is a good time since he keeps going back and forth.  Even though I am bummed I will wait a little longer.  

Sunday I stayed home and relaxed cause of the cramps.  I did laundry, pulled weeds, cleaned up in the kitchen, worked on our accounts and so forth.  He called after he was done golfing and wanted to go to lunch.  I wasn’t game but went anyway cause “birthday weekend” folks, you got to suck it up for the ones you love.  We both took naps when got home.  Big mistake.  I didn’t fall to sleep until 2am I think.  He took longer to fall asleep too but was out by midnight.  I don’t have to work today though, he does.  

There we are, that would be my rundown of the weekend.  I am trying to get motivated to hang up lights for Halloween.  Hell, to even get out of bed is hard at the moment.


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