Another Ordinary Day


Aside from my continued frustration on being able to preview code I have written offline (which is the only way I can do it as of yet) I did do a few other things this weekend.  I bought the book Brisinger that i looked forward to reading.  Getting into it slowly but something about it and the writing styles just seems to lack to me.  Maybe it will get better.

Went out and had pizza at the place with the awesome lady who gives us more stamps for each visit than she should and even thought we only order 1 lunch combo to share she gives us two plates and two cups for the salad and drinks. She rocks.  It is like a weekend standard for us to share a personal sized pizza.

Bought some food and magazines (yay) and man was that a good deal on meat we got!

Sunday we went to the movies and saw “My Best Friends Girl”  Very funny!  I highly recommend.  Afterwards we came home where I cleaned out the inside of my car.  It needed it bad.  I think had a lot of hidden trash to throw out.  Some from almost two years ago.  Wow, this April will be 3 years since I bought this car.  My first huge purchase, and on my own.  I qualified without needing a cosigner.  Made me feel so mature.  Now I am married.

M made the comment that he would like to have a kid before he is 30.  This was said half jokingly I think but also with a lot of truth in it.  His birthday is the weekend and he is turning 29.  Apparently we need to get busy.  Well, I guess we have gotten busy so I might already be.  Scary thought.


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