Hello HTML, I have missed you . . .or so I thought


Okay, after downloading GIMP I decided to start working on web design again.  I don’t have a web host or domain name yet because I want to really practice before hopping back into things.  I mean 4 years off makes me very rusty and oh my god has things changed.   So I decided to work offline and just start getting the hang of things again.  WRong wrong wrong!  I can’t view my freaking code in my browser.  I go to view my freaking index page and all it does is show me the source code.  I guess I am more out of it than I though that i can’t even view a simple very basic test page offline!  Arg.  Maddening.  I feel so stupid.  I can’t find anything online to help me either.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong.  The internet hates me at the moment and I spit on it!  ::spuh:: Yes that is me spitting on the internet.  Crap.


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