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Okay so the dog piss is cleaned off the couch and she only jumped back up there one other time after cleaning it and didn’t piss that time so I think we are good.  She might be small but I don’t mind sticking her out in the backyard if she wont mind.  We did doggy proof that yard anyway.

So as stated I had my doctors appointment at the swanky place.  Not much convo with the Doc but she did want me to come back in for a cholesterol test because of my family history and I guess the new guidelines have them starting to check the cholesterol at age 20.  I have never had it checked so it is good to get a baseline.  We set it up for Thursday at 8:30am. 

Wednesday I had an interview!  Yay! Someone wanted to consider me.  It was for a Doctors office only two days a week and so that means very little extra money but it does mean extra money.  We had a really great conversation and I think she really liked my personality.  However, I don’t think I answered some questions very well and I don’t know if I am who they are looking for.  That is okay, if I get a different job.  Right after that interview I went to this place that was advertised on the employment office website to apply.  It is for a front office receptionist and I know I would be great for the job and it claims to have excellent benefits and competitive wages.  I was very eager for this one.  Only I was there for about 20min feeling out the app and four other people came in to apply for the same position. . . damn.  So I am thinking there will be over 100 applicants.  So yeah, I have some competition.  However, I do want this job if it pays well cause it is 40 hours a week so full time while the other one I interviewed for is 16 hours.  My fingers are crossed.

So that was my Wednesday now on to Thursday.   I went and had my cholesterol checked.  I don’t know when they will get the results back.  So after I went I did a little shopping.  Bought myself a CD “Now That’s What I Call Music 28” and then bought some food.  

Okay off subject and I just am a bit freaked.  Some weirdo just called and asked “Will you listen while I cum?”  I though maybe this is M being really dirty and calling from a different phone but after the guy repeated himself again I hung up.  I then called M who swore it wasn’t him and then started laughing cause he thought it was funny.  He isn’t a female so didn’t find it disturbing like I did.  Creeps.

Below are some pictures to enjoy:


Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach











Mylie only liked the sand for going potty.  Not caring for us doing this

Mylie only liked the sand for going potty. Not caring for us doing this


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