Busiest Week In the past two months


So this week I actually had stuff I had to do instead of laying around on my fat ass.  Tuesday was my womanly appointment.  New town new doctor and all that fun stuff.  It had been about a year and half since the last time I went to have my yearly.  The office was swank.  I felt like I walked into a office in Beverly Hills.  I got the doctor off my insurances perferred providers list so I new I could afford it cause they claim she is in the network!  But damn.  Brand new building with Tile floors and I am talking the big 2 feet by 2 feet tiles with tan painted walls, plants, wood work.  Two story tall ceiling, rod iron work.  Swank.   

Ahh fuck the laptop just fell off the sink.  I freaking hope my macbook doesn’t cry about it now.  Crap

Anyways so yeah there was a quick intro with Doc, do you have any questions blah blah blah.  Spread em.  Alway pleasant.  Especially when afterwards your husband starts being crude and asks me “did she say anything about the puss?  She like the puss?”  Yeah guys  have dirty minds.

Oh crap the dog just jumped on the couch and pissed on it.  Damn it.  Well I will update more later


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