Over The Hill And Thru The Woods. . .


So today M and I had planned a trip to Oregon’s beautiful coast.  The alarm went off and 6:00am because I set it for then and I am evil.   It went off and we both said “Shit”  then quickly shut it off.  No need to get up and ready that early is it?  So we slept in until 8am instead.  2 hours difference but the sleep was worth it.

I think we got on the road just after 9:30am and had decided that we would got to Bandon for their Cranberry Festival cause I am down for that.  I was really wanting to hit the arts and crafts booths for something over our T.V. I am looking for a piece of metal work art I think.  Something Long but short and outdoorsy.  I sadly didn’t find anything that worked like that in Bandon.  We missed the parade but went to old downtown and looked at everything and I was not impressed.  I had been to a peddlers fair in California that had more booths then this festival so I was expecting that but oh well.  We then had lunch in town before heading out to Bandon Golf Resort.

M had golfed their before and wanted to show it to me and also hit a few practice balls so we did that.  Nice place and they didn’t even charge for him to hit balls which was really nice since a round of golf is around $250 (Yeah,  my eye bugged too).  

We then headed up further north on 101 to Coos Bay and North Bend.  Drove around the towns then headed out to find a beach to go play on with the dog.  We got some cute pictures of us (I am rather Shocked by this and happy too).  The dog hit the sand and instantly pooped and peed.  No smelling for a spot or nothing.  I think we will get her a sand box for outside and make our lives easier.

After we decided to head home but not before hitting the DQ and eating some blizzards that we really did not need.  

To top off the trip just before we got home I had him stop so we could look at the new model home in the neighborhood.  I like it but I don’t like that it doesn’t have a den.  I need basically 4brs cause I am like that.  So many friends and family visiting you know.

That be my day.  I hope yours was fun as well.

P.S.  M might have impregnated me.  I am scared.


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