Character Crushing Can Get you Lovin


I am sitting here watching Gilmore Girls (cause I love it!) and staring at my couch pillows which are in desperate need of a trimming since the threads are sticking out all shaggy like.  Freaking little pillow threads. 

Last night M and me were in bed talking about a myriad of things and I told him I wanted to see the movie “The Women” and he has seen the previews for it but can’t remember it so I was telling who was in the movie and started with Meg Ryan.  He responds with she is good looking and how he use to have a crush on her.  I responded by that yes she is pretty but I don’t like her with short hair and prefer her with the long hair as shown in the previews.  Then I told him I have a crush on a character in my books that I read.  He was a little surprised, I mean it is a book character.  He asked what makes me have a crush on this guy.  His name is Roarke and is the main sexy man in J.d. Robbs in death series books and I have almost finished reading all 26 published books but I digress.  I told him that his accent was something I liked and also his passion and desire for his wife in the books.  He has been married to the protagonist throughout the series and I love that and always wants to have sex with her.  So yeah I am crushing on this character.  As I am describing this to him he flips me over and decides that he is not going to let some book character get his wife hot and bothered more than him and as such an hour of fun love making followed.  I love that man.  I also love the fact that I can tell him I am crushing on a book character because the character wants sex with his wife all the time and then I get sex.  So yeah, I scored.

And your evening?


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