Damn dog


The dog (who is potty trained, but doesn’t do one key thing) went shit and piss on our bed tonight.  M lost it, he couldn’t believe his precious did that.  I stayed calm for once because I didn’t find it and he was so mad and it was nice to see him mad at his baby and punish her for a change.  I guess she had to go potty but the thing is she didn’t tell us.  She knows she is suppose to go potty outside, but she hardly tells us.  She just waits for us to take her outside and tell her to go potty.  She is a smart dog too so we don’t get it why she wont tell us.  We have never had dogs that we have had to ask if it had to go, they would tell us.  So she felt the bed was the perfect place to go to the bathroom, lord knows why.  Took some nice turds, and then pissed.  Of course this is on the newly cleaned comforter that I can only wash if I take it to a laundromat cause it is so huge and We just did that two weeks ago.  It had another few weeks left in it!  The piss soaked down to the mattress.  So I took my trusty bissell (Seriously, Bissell you need to like pay me I keep sending out my love for you) and filled the solution section with white vinegar and then spot cleaned the mattress.  Oh what fun.  We need to sleep on the smaller bed now for two nights most likely while that fully dries.  The cute little stairs to the bed you ask?  Gone.  No longer allowed on the bed unless we are there and bring her up.  I already banished her from the couch which M was having a hard time dealing with but guess what?  Not anymore.  He agrees, dog is no longer allowed on furniture.  It is one thing to shit and piss on the floor, especially near the door to show she attempted to tell us.  Nope, the bed.  One of those hey I am laying here and need to go so I think I will.  How do you get a freaking wiener dog which is such an intelligent but stubborn breed to tell you they have to go to the bathroom?  Especially when it is so much more comfortable to shit and piss inside?  Well, at least until you get your ass spanked and nose rubbed in the stuff you just did.  Yes we do that, no we won’t change.  Damn dog.


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