M told me that he wanted to go and visit my parents for Labor day weekend because I needed it (I did).  We left Friday night and got there around 10pm.  We decided to stay in that night and just visited with my mom and dad.  We slept on my dads bed in the now guest room which was like sleeping on a slab of wood.  Saturday morning we were all going to go to Costco, though M and I didn’t really need anything.  Before we walked out the door my brother came over with his daughter and I gushed.  He said he would go to the store too so that I could still visit with her.  I hijacked her and we went all over the store.  She is 22 months old and the cutest kid ever.  I took her to the kids books and had her pick out a book that I would buy her.  Then she and I went to get frozen yogurt.  She had a few bites but it was too cold for her so M ate it all.  We just cruised around and then checked out.  We renewed our membership and bought some Seagram’s 7.  As we were walking out we decided Lunch at Applebee’s was in order because we had a gift card there and could treat everyone.  I gave Emma back to her daddy and she was mad.  Didn’t want to leave me cause she was having fun.  He said she smacked him in the car cause she didn’t want to go with him but with me.  She makes me look forward to having a kid.

So to Applebee’s we went and I introduced Emma to Strawberry Lemonade which she loved and couldn’t get enough of.  Sadly after lunch I kissed her buy and had to say bye to her cause I wouldn’t see her again the rest of the trip.  We all parted ways for the afternoon.  We attempted to see my friend Lynn but she was on her way to see her boyfriend so that was a no go.  So to the bookstore where I wanted to buy up the store but settled onto one book (of course one from J.D. Robb’s in death series) which I have yet to read.  Talk about self control.  We then went home and rested the rest of the afternoon.  Had dinner, Spagetti, with everyone.  Later that evening M and I went out with my brother to some bars.  First the Casino and then to a new bar in town that is suppose to be like Coyote Ugly, but wasn’t cause the girls didn’t dance well and weren’t into what they were doing.  I tried to get M drunk but it didn’t work.  At 10pm we also had a second steak dinner.  At 12:30am we were done and tired so I drove home and didn’t go to bed until 1:30 or so.  

Sunday was a lazy day.  I don’t think we went anywhere. . . nope nowhere.  My sister got married in Reno this past weekend so I was going to get to meet her new Husband Sunday night which meant a food shopping trip and we went and did that.  Played some Wii until they came over and I met her husband and we all played Wii until dinner.  

*This was a recharge weekend nothing exciting -except my brother hugging and kissing my head at the bar

Monday morning we went to breakfast with M’s friends and then they went and hit golf balls.  I watched.  We went home and packed and drove drove drove home.  Now M is at work and I am making good dinners baby.  Stuffed cabbage last night and tonight will be Pot Roast.  Envy me, I know.

Oh! On Monday M and both said we wanted to loose 10lbs.  We shook on it.  I thus am trying to watch what I eat.  I just need to exercise and all will be well cause then I can easily loose the weight.  How do you get motivated to exercise?  I thought about joining the Y but it cost $46 freaking dollars.  I wish we had a Bally’s because seriously that is the only place that seems to have a decent price when you get in during the specials.


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