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I am very tired.  I woke up around 3am and was basically awake on and off from that point on.  I know, cry me a river.  They asked me today at 5pm if I would work tomorrow (yay more money, but I was looking into sleeping in) so I said yes.  I mean an extra […]

The Rundown


So this past weekend was M’s birthday weekend (something I have taken from my friend Lynn who actually does birthday weeks).  I woke up at 4:47am Saturday morning after falling to sleep early Friday night (oh and had to argue with M when he came to bed to give me the alarm cause he wasn’t […]

Alright, I am a working girl again.  Granted only for twice a week but I rather like that.  They also started me at my asking price.  The doctor is great and so are all the girls.  I think I will enjoy it very much.  I also got to work the xray machine during procedures yesterday […]



I recieved a wonderful call today.  The Doctors office I interviewed for last week decided they wanted me.  It was for a part time office staff person.  The Office Manager called and said that there was a slight change to the job and it is now a back office postion and if I was okay […]

Aside from my continued frustration on being able to preview code I have written offline (which is the only way I can do it as of yet) I did do a few other things this weekend.  I bought the book Brisinger that i looked forward to reading.  Getting into it slowly but something about it […]

Okay, after downloading GIMP I decided to start working on web design again.  I don’t have a web host or domain name yet because I want to really practice before hopping back into things.  I mean 4 years off makes me very rusty and oh my god has things changed.   So I decided to […]

To Continue


Okay so the dog piss is cleaned off the couch and she only jumped back up there one other time after cleaning it and didn’t piss that time so I think we are good.  She might be small but I don’t mind sticking her out in the backyard if she wont mind.  We did doggy […]