So yeah, I suck.


I hate living in a new place away from friends and family.  Every so often M will be out of town and thus I am along, bored and lonely.  He stays out with work buddies until 11pm having a grand old time on a work night  (he is too tired when he gets off work when he is here to do anything with me) while I read a book, watch t.v. go on the Internet or something else that one can only do so many times and thus I got jealous.  He moved me here (yes I agreed to go along I could of told him see you later) and I am lonely.   I don’t make friends quickly and it isn’t like I have a job where I can meet people.  If I had some more money I might joy a health club and meet people that way but it isn’t happening.  I want my friend Lynn.  I want my family.

I want to stop whining and placing myself as a victim and realize that someday I will have friends again.


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