The icing on the . . .


No not cake, the spoon.  Yes, yes I am eating icing just straight.  I am a pig.  I am a big pig.  It is so good though!!!  I loveee it.  I have been so good about not eating  bad crap but the last two days I am been a bit depressed and as such find that I am craving food. Bad food.  Taste so yummy.

I keep looking at this blog and while I love writing, I hate that I can’t make my own designs.  I mean even if wordpress let you have that option (for free) I don’t even have a graphic design program for this computer since it is a mac.  Before I just downloaded gimp and called it good but now I have to do something special to download and install it and I am not sure if I want to mess with that.

I just want a job, part time nothing fancy.  Only work the week days during normal business hours so I can be home when my hubby is home.  Times are tough though and not many places wanting to hire.  I talked to one bank and while I might have already mentioned this they don’t want to hire for a position they have open right now until October.  Lots of good that does me.  I just need some extra money.


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