The hunt is on


(Side note: I hate thinking of titles.  I suck at it)

So yesterday I went to one of several employment agencies and filled out and application and then returned today to take my interview.  It went alright, I really liked the girl that I talked with and I hope they can find me something decent.  I was up front about everything, not staying in the area long and what not.  Tomorrow I just need to take some more paperwork.  I also spent the afternoon testing for them.  One test was the stupid excel program.  I am competent in it I just don’t use it everyday so I got a freaking 71%  I got a C.  I suck, but that was my lowest score so that is good.  I typed 65wpm!  I improved from last Novembers 56wpm.  Go me.  Other than that I am in an upbeat mood.  I wants to make the money.  If I only take home $600 a month that is fine with me, but all of that will got into savings.  I want us to build up that savings so we can buy a house.  Anything over $600 I will split towards spending money.  If we sell M’s truck then the extra will go towards M’s mom and savings.  I wants the moneY!  The hunt is on folks to find me a job.  Oh yea.


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