Oh my tummy


I had a rough couple of days while our friends were here.  They arrived Saturday night late and all was fine. Then we went on Sunday to the wildlife park and spent a couple of hours there.  I started getting a headache and didn’t treat it for about 4-5 hours when we got home and it turned into a major headache, minor migraine.  I was in tears and ended up taking like 4 or 6 Tylenol in about 6 hours time.  I also spent about 20minutes in the shower trying to feel better.  After all that and then a nap I felt quite alright for the rest of the evening.  Then Sunday came around and M had to work so we went out with out him.  We decided to have burgers. It was huge and I stuffed myself by eating it all.  As the day progressed I didn’t feel any less full.  I felt like I had just eaten the burger for the whole afternoon.  Dinner time came around and I turned it down, I couldn’t eat any of it.  I just sipped water.  Then a couple hours later I left and went to the room to roll on the bed in misery.  I was in pain and burping and feeling nauseous.  I was moaning and burping and just in horrible pain until midnight rolled around and finally threw up my lunch from 1pm the day before.  I felt somewhat better and slept on and off.  I haven’t thrown up in over 2 years, maybe 3.  I hate it.  I hate the watery eyes and stuff coming out of my nose, as well as, mouth.  M got concerned and took me to urgent care in the morning.  I felt it was a waste of time and would rather of not spent the money but oh well.  They gave me a pill for the nausea and I spent the rest of the day completely asleep until 5pm.  Best sleep ever.  Then when M got up this morning and I was wide awake so I got up at 7am.  Very unusual for me.  I showered and dressed and feel fine.  Went to a few employment places and checked out the historic downtown.  Tomorrow I have an initial interview at an employment agency and then I take the car in after that for its oil change. So this is my day.


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