Media and Children


I am watching the Today show right now and they are talking about kids be so sexy so soon.  It is amazingly true.  I keep looking at kids out and about and when I find out their age I can’t believe it.  I don’t even remember when I was 10 anyone dressing like that.  15 years later and a 10 year old is looking like they are 15.  It is scary.  When I have a children I don’t want my 10 year old dressing sexy like.  I think when I do have a kid monitoring the T.V. is going to have to be a big priority.  Maybe we will get a DVR so that if there is a show they want to watch I can record it and skip all the commercials that are target to kids.  Bratz dolls?!  Those things look like mini hookers.  What happened to care bears and cabbage patch kids?  Yes I grew up with Barbie, but she dressed stylish.  

With so many teen girls at the age of 15-17 getting pregnant then something is wrong in society.  We have gotten so use to seeing Sexy music and t.v. shows that it isn’t a shock anymore and we don’t think to not show our children that.  Having children is scary, I don’t know if I am ready but once we do I am going to do whatever I can to preserve their childhood.


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