More Fam Time


I can’t believe how busy M and I have been since we moved her at the beginning of July.  First his Mom came up with his niece and nephew for a week.  Then my parents came up with my niece and then this last weekend we went up to Portland for a family reunion on his side.  We also have friends visiting this weekend.  

So, Friday we drove up to Portland and that was okay except I was having the cramping portion of my period.  Oh my lord it hurt so bad.  For 3 hours I was in total pain.  I only had Tylenol and so took like 6 in the span of 6-7 hours.  At one point I even was hurting so bad I told M that I want drugs when I deliver because if it hurts this bad to start my period then It is going to be 10x as bad to push a damn baby out my cooch.  I normally don’t cramp that bad, and when I do it is normally at night so I am in bed, with midol and a heating pad and oh yeah I can take a hot bath to make it all go away.

We arrived and went to the site where the gathering was being held and I met a lot of people, he did too cause he only knew like 4 people there.  Soon his aunt came and he new 6 more people.  So that is what we did Saturday too and then part of Sunday.  Mylie showed her cutness and had everyone in love with her.  They are talking another reunion in two years, in Kansas.  Um. . . yeah. . woo!  I don’t know if we are going or not but we will see.

Then yesterday I took my cat to the vet because he has taken to puking every freaking morning.  He still eats he just pukes in the morning.  So I spent $200 for that visit.  I nearly cried in the office when they told me the cost in the office.  I didn’t.  I waited until I got out to the car.  Then they called said that only one thing was elevated on his blood test that they want to retest in 2 weeks to see if treatment in working.   At least another $50 for that test, and they better not charge me for another fucking visit.  I told her I couldn’t it afford it for another month that the $200 wiped me out.  I miss my old vet.  I think at most it would have cost me $150 with him, because he normally cut deals  where he gave discounts since it was a lot of money.  I am hopeful the treatment work for him and he stops puking.  It is funny though, he might have gastritis, which I suffer from too.  Like mother like cat.

Mommy needs to make some money now to pay for the cost.  Fun.


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