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I hate living in a new place away from friends and family.  Every so often M will be out of town and thus I am along, bored and lonely.  He stays out with work buddies until 11pm having a grand old time on a work night  (he is too tired when he gets off work […]

I need help, lots of help.  I am so mad and unhappy right now.  I need people with similar experiences to tell me how they feel or got through it.  As I stated below M and I had an argument.  We talked and seemed to get through it and had a happy afternoon until we […]

Of course he would be nice and sweet to me and make me happy before crushing everything.  Last night I cried harder than I have in months.  I told him I didn’t want to have a child with him if it meant that I couldn’t raise it.  He assumed I would have the child and […]

Mind Readers


Can M read my mind? (Or my blog maybe)  Cause after typing that post he got all sweet on me.  Helped fold the towels when I asked, started the bbq when I asked and made the salad when I asked, then cleaned up with out my asking.  And!  if I asked he didn’t argue.  I […]



I feel a gap between M and I right now. I hate it so much. I feel like we are not in our rhythm and I don’t know how to find it. I hate when this happens and it has before. A lot of it has to do with one or both of us not […]

No not cake, the spoon.  Yes, yes I am eating icing just straight.  I am a pig.  I am a big pig.  It is so good though!!!  I loveee it.  I have been so good about not eating  bad crap but the last two days I am been a bit depressed and as such find […]

We have been having some thunder storms lately with just plain cooler days so I decided it was okay to make some soup/stew.  M loves this stuff so much and I don’t blame him cause it is pretty darn good, and easy to make and and and! Can be used for multiple dinners that week, […]