Blast from the past


I have been very unproductive today. I stumbled uponWayback Machine. Oh yes, at least 1 1/2 hours of my afternoon has been spent looking at old websites of mine, well at least the ones I could remember the address to. Oh my freaking god! I can’t believe the shock I experienced seeing that. Okay, one site used horrible orange which I shall never do again. Another a beautiful pink, toffee and black design and holy shit I use to own two domains!?!?! Oh and there were pictures of me too! OMFG!! I clicked on them and saved them to my computer. M is going to laugh so hard. Oh oh! look at one of my images I made that I was so proud of and still I think it is kind of cool.I love all the memories this brought back. I want so much more. I want to remember my other sites! Gah! I am so inspired now to get my own domain again. I want to work on my own design and while having this site for free is nice I can’t have my own design! I hate that. I will have to start saving my money and buy one. I guess I am going to have to start thinking of a name, cause I hate the one I have right now. I am just on cloud nine.


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