Baking fool


Not really but you know.  I baked butterscotch cookies last night.  I don’t have the recipe in front of me but should anyone want it I will get off my arse and go get it if you ask.  They are yummy.  I made M take a bag to work and then I left the rest in my cute little bear jar that has a sign you can flip that either says “I’m hungry” or “I’m Full”.  Hah, how cute.  My momma got me that for a moving present. M thinks me the devil for baking such a delicious treat that he feels compelled to eat.  I mean just because his diet has gone down the crapper this month doesn’t mean I can’t bake cookies.  I will be making more cookies too for that matter!  Also cheese cake!  Yes two types of cheese cake.  I made them 2 weeks ago and they were da bomb.  One was a blackberry swirl cheesecake that i had to bake and the other was a black forest cheese cake that required only refrigeration.  Again, recipes out of my reach.  Just ask and I will get em, or who knows in a couple of days I will do it anyways.

Okay so the I had a stupid moment 2 weeks ago.  I covered the cat box to do something and forgot to uncover it for like 2 whole days.  Yes, I am that dumb.  My cat thanked me though.  He held off on shitting until the end of day two, but pissing he couldn’t.  I didn’t realize until after my parents left that it was in the recliner in the spare bedroom where my mother slept (she has a bad back and must sleep in a chair) that it was in the freaking chair that he pissed.  I thanked the heavens that it wasn’t the floor because I didn’t want to loose my deposit.  So now that my parent’s have gone I am trying my hardest to get the smell of cat piss out of that chair.  I think it is a lost cause but it is my moms bed for visiting and I don’t want to toss it.  It isn’t like we are swimming in money with me not working.  So I bough natures miracle and am hoping that stuff will work. I soaked the spot yesterday and today it smelled a bit like it wasn’t as bad but I figured I would soak it again.  So I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I can get that horrible smell out.

So to any of you reading this, how many work from home?  What is that you do from home?  I am trying to plan for when we have a kid.  Here is the thing, we aren’t ready for a kid yet because we need to know where we will be in 9 months which at this time we don’t.  However, as much as i tell him to wrap his tool up I keep thinking I am pregnant, every freaking month for the past 3-4 months.  There is always one day that month that I will say okay, you can go au natural and we do.  This is usually when I “think” I am safe.  We all know that means nothing sometimes so I always think I am.  Then when I get my period I am half relieved and half disappointed.  What is wrong with me?!  I know we can’t have a kid yet, I don’t want a kid yet.  Heck even with the best birth control in the world having come and visit I still kind of want one of those monsters.  Bah.  I just need to save up money and then we will be fine and I will be happy.


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