Pre menstrual Crap


So my parents went home Monday and I have been sad because of that. I wish I could live around my parents. Besides M my mom is my closest friend. I went out shopping today because I needed to buy a cat scratching post (otherwise, M might give the cat the boot since he is using the beautiful carpet). After I made my purchase I walked over to Michaels and was immediately sad because my mother loves that store and I would have just enjoyed walking around it with her so it made me sad. Then I went grocery shopping and I was all depressed. I miss my momma. So then I decided to be a debby downer because I feel guilty about not having a job that would help us save money towards a house. It is just hard to want to find a job when we could be moving again in a few months. However, I need something, even if it is just part time. So it has been a blah day. I even woke up with a sore throat. So yeah, thanks to my period coming up I am just in a dumpy day. I could tell you all more, but I am not sure you would want the details. Oh okay, another thing I get to thank my period for is the frequent trips to the bathroom or “runs”. Not that the fact that I have IBS has anything to deal with that either. Love me, love my shit. Yup, that is my motto.


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