Attach A to B then turn lock 210 degrees to the right


I just spent 2 hours putting together a bookcase.  My mom bought it for us since we needed one for my monster collection of books and other assorted things that have found the way to the office.  It is an “inexpensive” nice one from walmart.  For $99 we got one with molding that make it look like a sound and thick bookcase, not a cheap one.  So I am pleased.  It took me 2 hours to put together, I don’t want to do again and I am so pleased that I don’t have to put display models together at some store.


M got up this morning and decided (with some minor pestering on my part) to whack some weeds.  Oh yeah baby, the weeds died this morning.  Plus my lovely father who is a little bored finished off doggy proofing the fence.  We did this because there are a lot of spots along the fence that has gaps between the ground and fence and we want to keep Mylie in here since she is a small dog that can get under just a couple inch gap.  We took chicken wire and stapled it to the bottom of the fence and then took the other end and hammered it to the ground with a stake.  We could then take (if this was our yard and we wanted to spend money on it) a tarp and lay it down along the fence and then place bark and rock and you would never really see the chicken wire.  It looks good.  Mainly in my head though.

My parents leave tomorrow and boy am I sad.  I cried horribly last night just some large tears cause I miss them and having them around.  My sister then called and dropped a bombshell.  She is getting married.  To a guy she started dating 4 weeks ago.  A guy she met online.  He spent “$4000″ on a ring for her we are told.  They are getting married in a month.  Yeah, and I though me and M moved fast.  We met online too but dated for 6 months before moving in with each other then got engaged at the 10 month mark and then got married 15 months after we met.  Not 2 months after meeting.  I hope he is a good guy and not some asshole that is using her for some reason and might just kill her or hurt my niece.  My mind goes to the worst possible place, can you tell?  So lets all hope he is decent and not a killer/”bad” man cause my sister deserves to be loved and by a good guy, so does my niece.

That be my drama.  How was your weekend?


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