Family Visitation Part 2


I sit here this morning sipping on a cold glass of chocolate milk (oh yeah baby, the good stuff) watching my father reclined on the loveseat and watching as my mother and niece play the wii. We never thought we would see the day that my mom was into a video game.  Granted she doesn’t stand up and get heavily into it but still she is trying to perfect her wrist flick and is competing with her granddaughter.  By the by, she is kicking my nieces butt.  Grandma is rocking the wii.

I love my family and miss my family so this is a really nice treat.  I enjoyed M’s mom visiting until I started reading things to mean she is moving in in a few months which with all honesty does not make me happy so I got a bit tense during the last few days of her visit.  She has other kids to move in with ones who have invited her to live there.  M and I just got married, we like to have sex.  I don’t like to have sex with his mom here.  I can’t make noise and my Os drastically decrease because of that.  We are going to be starting a family soon and I want to enjoy that.  I want a few years of M and I getting to be a married couple and a family before she moves in at all.  Things are not the greatest between M and I when she lives with us and I just don’t think it would be good for us if she was living here this early on.  At least I can have more fun with my family during their visit because I know they are not moving in with us at this point (maybe in 10 years when they are older but not 6-8 months).  I really hope M has a talk with his mom so that the stress isn’t there for me.  I think she needs to live with his sister who has been married for over 20 years and the kids are grown and out of the house before living with us.   Am I wrong?  Is this a bigger deal to me than it needs to be?  I can’t help it, I just want some private years of being married.


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