Row Row Row your boat


So last night we went out and met our other neighbors and spent a few hours talking with them.  They invited us to an event today out on the river which we decided to take them up on.  It was fun, from 10:30 to around 3:15 we floated down the river.  I have never floated down a river before.  We were in a small 2 man raft with no oars!  We thought we would be fine without them but honestly they would have helped so freaking much.  I mean honestly there is only so much one man can paddle.  I do mean one man too.  I laid back and relaxed while he worked his upper body.  It was good for him.

The beginning had some tiny rapids which I was told that just those ones and ones after a long slow stretch in the river would be the only ones.  Lies!! Freaking liars.  But hey each one of them were fun so I will forgive.  I think we floated maybe 10 miles someone said.  We were doing good for most of it going at a decent speed hitting a couple rapids along the way.  We would then stop and dump the water out of the raft and continue on.  Then we hit the slowest spot ever!  If we didn’t paddle it felt like we were not moving at all, or even going the wrong direction.  By that time I was hungry and wanted to eat so I even started paddling to get us to the end faster.  After I stopped paddling M started to a feverish pace.  Then we hit the big rapids.  We thought we were going to tip over on that one cause it hit and hit hard.  

At the end there were free hot dogs so I had two cause of all that hard paddling you know.  Waited 40 minutes or so for the others to reach us and finally got home.  M was exhausted and so was I but of course I made dinner even though I made it all this week.  Oh well, I am a stay at home wife for the moment so I guess I can’t complain.  Much fun on the river though!


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