Body Lovin


I am guilty of the same thing many people especially women are guilty off.  I do not love my body as I should.  I have a muffin top now when I wear my jeans.  More tummy fat than I would like.  It all comes down to me not being very active.  I need to exercise.  I hate the treadmill and i hate running.  I have never done well with driving to a gym.  The motivation has never been there.  If I had someone to drag my ass there I might just be able to do it.  If I went for a month I might even like it enough to be able to drag myself.  I could always just go for a walk but that wont make my stomach disappear.  I don’t eat horrible and i am constantly keeping a mental journal of what I eat during the day.  I weigh in the morning around 136lb and can get up to 140lbs after the day ends.  I feel fat.  I just want to be 10lbs lighter but I don’t try.  How do you get yourself motivated to workout?  Does anyone want to be my online workout buddy to push me to get my ass in gear?  I often think a row machine would be fun.  I often envision a work out room or my very own.  A home gym.  Maybe I could squeeze 30min workouts in with that.  I just need motivation.  This is interfering with my sex life!  I assume that my husbands lack of “passion”, which doesn’t mean lack of sex, is because I am not as attractive as I could be.  Help!


One Response to “Body Lovin”

  1. I just posted an entry about my workout woes, haha. I’m finding that what works for me is having to be accountable for it – I signed up for a class and these people are expecting me to show up, so I do. The effect is less pronounced when I do my workout videos (just some walking ones on DVD) but it’s sort of the same thing – the person on the TV is telling me what to do next, so I do it. Takes the thought out of coming up with a workout.

    Not sure if that helps, but just know that you’re not alone!

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