Family Visitation


The family is still here.  I still have the best birth control on earth.  I love my sister and brother’s kids.  They make me want to have kids.  Mainly cause I can yell at them and tell them to stop that.  So maybe it would be different if it was our own, and we only had one.  M has been working so it is just me with his family (lucky effing dog).  They leave tomorrow.  Honestly a good bunch of people, I just, want to tell the kids to go play outside more.   

I have two application out in the world now, not hearing anything back yet but lets hope.  It would be nice to even have $500 more a month.  We want to sell his Dodge 1500 quadcab Hemi – Bighorn package.  It is only a year old with 10,000 miles on it.  He loves it, I love it but we don’t need it.  He has a work truck.  We would be able to get a house easier in a few months too if we didn’t have the truck though and could save the money instead.

Met all of our neighbors last night.  Nice bunch, different bunch.  One wife of 2 kids has me jealous.  Tiny little thing with the rockin tan and body, smaller than me and she has had two kids!  I am so jealous.  I want that body.  I need to lose some weight.  10lbs is all I want to lose or think I need to lose to love my body.  I weigh 136lbs so I would be very happy to be under 130.  

My parents will be up in less than a week with my niece now.  I am excited.  My mom hardly goes anywhere and the longest trip she had been on was a 3hour one to visit me at school.  So now she gets to drive 4 1/2 hours.  I hope her back holds up to it.

P.S. His mom is a smoker and while she only smokes outside it is all that I smell and on my new furniture so it really bugs me.  I wish I could say you have to quit while you are staying here but I can’t.  I want to spray her in febreeze each time she walks through the door.  My new furniture will be sprayed once they leave.  I hate the smell of smoke.


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