The best form of birth control is children themselves.  Yes, some are not bad but even 1 in 4 being an annoying little turd is enough for me to tell him to wrap it up.  His niece is visiting.  Granted home life is a tough one for her, but cry me a river I don’t give a frick.  The girl wants it her way.  I told M that I don’t have patience for her attitude and it is only because I have only met her that I don’t feel like I can tell her what I really want to say which is “sit down, be quite and don’t move”  I don’t want to repeat myself and if I have to then you are going to bed.  Giving me a smile and pretending that I said nothing will not make me go “aww you so cute, okay” instead it will try my patience, which is not much.  She bugs me, how she trys to get her way an no one is really firm with her.  I don’t care if you cry because you didn’t get your way.  Look at your brother, act like him and maybe you will get more things that you want.  Bah.  No children.  I can promise you this, when it does happen I am going to be one stern mama.  Fear me children.  This mama will spank you behind if you misbehave.  Yup, I said it.  I will spank.  I was raised with spankings until I was I think 4 or 5 and I deserved everyone I got.  I believe in them and will use it.  A nice swat on the bum when you just don’t want to behave.  

Yes, children, the best birth control.


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