Furniture Furniture Furniture!


It is here!  I have something to sit my ass on and it is oh so wonderful.  Yet, I am sad.  M is away and isn’t here to enjoy it with me or work with me to make it perfect (lifting a 50lb picture to hang and almost cracking it on my not the best idea).  I miss him so much, I started getting tears while we talked on the phone.  So I am sitting here trying to make this house look nice and I am feeling defeated.  It is such a freakin mess.  Lucky for me no visitors are expected until Friday.  I really do love all the furniture we got, it is just so huge.  Oh well, for the next house.   Mylie loves the couch, especially sleeping on the top pillows.  Maybe I can get rid of her bed?   

So I submitted an application to a local bank and they received it but the fax didn’t go through completely so I resent it tonight.  Who knows I might get a job!  It is part time though, and I don’t think Saturdays are included which is um yay!  I don’t mind part time any extra money is going mostly to savings anyway.  If we can save 800 a month then we will have rebuilt our savings nicely in 10 months.  I want a good bit for a down payment on a house when the time comes, but unless we are saving 2000 a month that isn’t going to happen and that wont happen unless I have a full time job.  I want a spare online job.  . .   I love my hubby, he is so freaking cute he had to make a new yahoo id and used his name and mine.  I love that man


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