Moving is so very exhausting.  I think we only really have 2 more boxes that need to be unpacked but I have to wait because the furniture is not here yet. They called to say that they would be delivering it on Wednesday.  Boo!  Me want today!  

We didn’t do much for the 4th except go over to some new neighbors to enjoy a yummy bbq.  The dogs enjoyed playing.  They were doing fast paced circles around the house and yard.  Oh and my little girl had her first sexual encounter with the other pup.  She wasn’t pleased about it and I can’t say I don’t blame her.  I kept hoping she would do more then growl at him but didn’t.  She then ran to mommy and daddy for some rescuing.  We ate healthy too, just some salad, light pasta (which reminds me I need to make some), bbqed corn (best corn ever!) and bbq chicken.  Really good.  We stayed there until only 8 o’clock but I felt so much later.  I swear I am such an old fart because by 8pm I would rather be home on the computer in front of the t.v. than out and about.

We didn’t go to watch the fireworks but we could see some of them from our house.  They were pretty but I found I wasn’t much interested.  Then the neighbors started setting off their own, which was fine until midnight came and went.  Then 1am came and went and so forth.  We were pissed.  I can understand having fun but they were maybe 3 houses down from us setting off big loud fireworks until 3am.  WTF?!  some people want to sleep.

So we tried to sleep in Saturday but only got to a little because M’s sister called about coming a picking up the couch.  Which was like “yay!” couch be gone with you.  So his brother-in-law came and picked it up around 11am and then we went out shopping!  Yay.  M went to get my tired fixed because even though it is only a week old it was going flat (again WTF?)  So while he did that I went to Michael’s and shopped for stuff for the front bathroom and then walked over to Pier 1 imports and was standing there wishing I had gone in there first.  I bought placemats for the new table that we don’t have yet and then stuff for the back bathroom.  M came and picked me up so we could go to lunch.  After which we went to Lowes and bought shoe shelves for the closet (I have way too many shoes I have come to realize) to hold my 11 pairs of shoes.  I don’t know how I got so many, and I know others have so much more than me but to me that is a lot.  We also bought some stuff to hang pictures.

As we were sitting discussing were furniture would go we made the realization that the furniture was bigger than this place has room for.  As I told M, I didn’t buy for this house, but the house we shall have in a year.  Which is true.  So we had to rearrange some of what we do have in the living room for the new stuff to fit somewhat.  The T.V. is going all the way across the room where there is no outlet so I have to get the cable laid out for that.  After Lowes it was time to grocery shop and then home.  It was after 4 by the time we got back and we both just wanted to nap but had to go over to his sister’s for dinner so off we drove.  They live about 30min away so not too bad.  Stayed until after 10pm.  So very tired.

Sunday was a lazy day.  M went and got his haircut and then went to the golf driving range.  I later joined him there and hit one good ball and the rest were crappy.  I suck at golf, mainly cause I do it but once a month if at all.  We then went to Round Table Pizza where I ate way too much, but it was mostly salad.  Then off to home and that was it.

M woke up early this morning  for his first day of work up here.  I am excited which is why I have been awake since he left.  I need to get dressed and go into town and get a few things set up, such as our car insurance.  Time to switch agents.  The dog has the right idea about staying curled up under the covers, maybe I will stay here with her.  It is such a rough life for her.


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