Moving Day


So yesterday the movers came and finished packing us and then loaded everything in the van.  They arrived just after 9am and left around 12:40pm I believe.  I had been awake since 4am.  Yeh.  I was practically kicking the movers out as fast I could.  “empty that room! hustle hustle!”   I started dusting the first empty room as they were walking out of it.  Then vacuumed and then used my sexy new carpet cleaner. Now if I was to continue living at the place I think I might have done 3 passes with the cleaner.  2 cleaning ones and then 1 rinse to make sure it is pretty clean.   But I didn’t, so sucks for the new tenant.  Oh and the night before I stayed up until 11pm cleaning the bathroom.  Okay so anyway the movers leave and I am in a hurry to clean this place and go.  I think I finished cleaning by 2:45pm.  Stupid carpets needing to be cleaned.  We then did the walk through and gave up are keys.  Tagged M said lets go and off we were.  5:30 rolls around and we arrive at our new home.  I have been awake for 13 1/2 hours now, working my ass off.  Don’t know how people who work 12 hour shifts do it.  You all rock.

We then went out and had some dinner and just imagined where things would go.  Then today at 9am the movers were back and unloaded all the stuff.  Boxes and boxes of stuff.  So much freakin stuff.  Once they left I started unpacking.  I think I have unpacked around 19 boxes so far today.  My kitchen is a disaster zone.  Don’t look, it isn’t pretty.  Now I just have to finish 10 more boxes in the the house and then 8-9 in the garage.  Thank goodness they will come back and remove the used boxes cause mama (that is mama to her pets) don’t want to haul that shit. 

My feet are throbbing.  I mean I really can feel like my blood pulsing through them.  M is out golfing (looseer! can’t handle unpacking, that is why they pay me the big bucks!)  Oh and I started my period today too, so extra fun. I want a foot rub.  Anyone want to give me one?  I would love you forever.

Now all I need is my new furniture to come.  YA!


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