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I have been very unproductive today. I stumbled uponWayback Machine. Oh yes, at least 1 1/2 hours of my afternoon has been spent looking at old websites of mine, well at least the ones I could remember the address to. Oh my freaking god! I can’t believe the shock I experienced seeing that. Okay, one […]

Baking fool


Not really but you know.  I baked butterscotch cookies last night.  I don’t have the recipe in front of me but should anyone want it I will get off my arse and go get it if you ask.  They are yummy.  I made M take a bag to work and then I left the rest […]

So my parents went home Monday and I have been sad because of that. I wish I could live around my parents. Besides M my mom is my closest friend. I went out shopping today because I needed to buy a cat scratching post (otherwise, M might give the cat the boot since he is […]

I just spent 2 hours putting together a bookcase.  My mom bought it for us since we needed one for my monster collection of books and other assorted things that have found the way to the office.  It is an “inexpensive” nice one from walmart.  For $99 we got one with molding that make it […]

I sit here this morning sipping on a cold glass of chocolate milk (oh yeah baby, the good stuff) watching my father reclined on the loveseat and watching as my mother and niece play the wii. We never thought we would see the day that my mom was into a video game.  Granted she doesn’t […]

So last night we went out and met our other neighbors and spent a few hours talking with them.  They invited us to an event today out on the river which we decided to take them up on.  It was fun, from 10:30 to around 3:15 we floated down the river.  I have never floated […]

Body Lovin


I am guilty of the same thing many people especially women are guilty off.  I do not love my body as I should.  I have a muffin top now when I wear my jeans.  More tummy fat than I would like.  It all comes down to me not being very active.  I need to exercise. […]