Company Dime


M’s work is paying for us to be up for 5 days in the new town we are moving to in order to get to know the area and find a place to live.  We have been here since Monday and I have to say I like being on someone else’s Dime.  They pay for the room, gas and food.  We have eaten out quite a bit and I feel like exploding.  

Looking for a place had its moments.  At first I thought we would be living in a dump but then we found a house that we loved, and oh it was for sale.  So then we thought we would buy even though that wasn’t practicle because I don’t have a job yet and we will be moving in 9 months so yeah.  Then we ended up renting a house for $900 right behind the house we wanted to buy.  3br 2ba and approximately 2 years old I think.  We have become friends with the couple we wanted to buy though house from though which is nice.  They have a little dog that loves ours and they just played and played.  It feels good to not have to look for a place anymore. 

Then last night I get a call for a job interview.  Yay, I am already up here this works out great.  Then I start wondering why I am interviewing at a branch and so I go online to my app and find out that somehow I got marked for another job with the company along with the one I put in for.  Only I just put in for the other one because it was a temp job and behind the scenes.  So I decide I need a job so will interview anyways for this job I don’t want.  I get in there and am talking with the woman and find out that yeah, they work Saturdays and the schedule rotates.  Um, no.  I don’t want retail for this reason.  So I told them in wouldn’t work out and that I want to try for the other position.  By the by, I didn’t have any clothes or shoes for a interview so went out and spent $90 on interview clothes for nothing!.  Bah.  Oh well, I can use them for some other interview.

Tomorrow we are going to stop off and get furniture.  Yay, or not.  Maybe we should wait.  I think we shall.



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