Everything Cost More


Yes we all know that gas prices have sky rocketed, food has increased and pay is still the same.  It sucks.  Can’t go anywhere or buy anything these days like we use to.  I was shocked to find today that I could furnish our whole place for under $5000.00.  We were tempted but think we will wait a month and then do it.  It was quite the deal.  

That isn’t what I really wanted to talk about though, but I do love Ashley’s Furniture.   Anyway, we went to the fair today.  I am sorry but how families can afford to go to the fair I don’t understand.  We were smart and bought the tickets in advance but did not get the unlimited ride tickets in advance because M at the time didn’t think we need to (he now says we will next year).  So to buy unlimited rides it is now $30 per person.  So family of 4 would spend $120 on just rides!!! Give me a break.  If you bought ahead you would still spend $92 on rides for a family of 4.  !!!!  So the tickets to get in (at least if bought in advance) would cost $4 (there was only three of us) $20 plus the rides you are between $122 -140.  Holy Crap!  Let us not forget the food & Drink!  you are looking at spending maybe $180 there, and that does not include rides that don’t take the bracelet and “souvenirs.”  Crap, crap crap.  When did the fair get so expensive (and the gas to get there!).  So two things that made me feel better about going there.  Okay three ,we got to spend time with my niece and get her face painted and ride rides.  Anyways (1) my niece wanted a snow cone and so did I but I knew she wouldn’t finish it and she wanted an odd flavor plus was sick so I wasn’t going to get one and share.  They wanted 8oz for $2 or 16oz for $3.  So I asked can I get 2 8oz for $3, she was a little shocked and said she could but she couldn’t top off the cone, fine by me.  Sweet so I haggled and saved a $1.  M was impressed and shocked.  Then (2) the splash dog show area had a booth of Hills Science Diet Nature’s Best dog food starter bags, for free.  Just giving away to each person.  And sometimes they had 5lb bags, 11lb bags or 17lbs bags.  We grabbed 61lbs worth (cause they didn’t care and couldn’t remember who they already gave one too anyways).  We figure we got what would normally cost $120 in stores for free.  So yes, I made the trip to the fair worth it!  We won’t use the food but my parents might so I feel really good about it.  


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