Spinning at super speed


The past few days have been a whirlwind of news and actions and life altering annoucments.  On Thursday I recieved the call from M that I was speaking to the new Assistant Manager of “big company.” We have been waiting so long for this and it was only two weeks since his interview but it seemed like years on that end.  He told me he didn’t know the details but they would be calling with them.  So I went to my manager and informed her that I would be leaving most likely in three weeks.  We had thought it would be a month before he could start the new position.  Then friday he came in and said they want me to start as soon as possible.   Okay, I gave a verbal 2 week notice to my supervisor. 

The whole weekend I felt like nothing was happening, no changes taking place.  It just hadn’t hit yet.  Then before work this morning M called to inform me that we are going up there (there being 2 hours north of us) to look for a place next week, on the companies dime.  We figured we would have me take a couple days off next week and then come to finish off my week as part of the two weeks notice.  No go, they will not give me the time off next week and said to just make this Friday my last day.  Okay fine with me, ends on the end of a pay period.  They aren’t happy at work for how the work life for them will be, but are happy for me.  So now we are waiting to see what changes tomorrow will bring.

I need to pack.


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