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I had a huge emotional break down on Wednesday.  Call it stress (which I knew I was doing but didn’t realize that much) or call it PMS (lord I hope) but it built up and boy did it flood out.  I haven’t had an emotional break down like that since I was on birth control. […]

So Friday we drove home but made a stop along the way to Costco where we got four new tires for my car (did that cut down on road noise or what) and a bissell ProHeat 2x . I just tried the cleaner out tonight and I freakin love that thing. Costco only wanted $200 for […]

Company Dime


M’s work is paying for us to be up for 5 days in the new town we are moving to in order to get to know the area and find a place to live.  We have been here since Monday and I have to say I like being on someone else’s Dime.  They pay for […]

Yes we all know that gas prices have sky rocketed, food has increased and pay is still the same.  It sucks.  Can’t go anywhere or buy anything these days like we use to.  I was shocked to find today that I could furnish our whole place for under $5000.00.  We were tempted but think we […]

The past few days have been a whirlwind of news and actions and life altering annoucments.  On Thursday I recieved the call from M that I was speaking to the new Assistant Manager of “big company.” We have been waiting so long for this and it was only two weeks since his interview but it […]

This is for all those foodies out there and because I love to share things that taste oh so great.  The two recipes I list below are loved by my husband, the pasta salad more so however.  I don’t actually measure when I make these so please I hope you understand. Potato Salad: 5 large […]