Good to be home


It has been one nice long week.  We came home Friday night which made it really a week long vacation and left us with 3 more days.  So lets see if I can’t remember a little more so that I can give a better run down of the week.  Friday the 16th we went to my parents and celebrated my nieces 8th birthday.  She was so cute and excited to see us.  So we ate and opened presents and omg dinner was good.  My dad got a new bbq the day before and was so very excited to use it for her birthday dinner.  There was steak, and chicken and then salad, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and bread.  I think that was all the food so yes, we pigged out and were stuffed.  Saturday we went to Kohls and I should have bought the vaccum we wanted but thought that we could shop around and find it cheaper.  We haven’t, we should have got it.  I want the bissell pet hair eraser!  Then M and I took my niece to go see prince caspian.  M put up a fight at first since he thought it would be a cartoon.  my niece enjoyed it and I told her that there were 7 books in the series and one tells how Narnia began.  She was excited about that.  I can’t remember if we went out and did anything after that. 

Sunday we didn’t do much but relax and go shopping at Costco.  We ended up buying a brand new printer.  It is a HP photosmart C7200 series one.  It prints, scans, copies and faxes.  The pictures it can print kick ass.  Oh and it is wireless. . . .I am in love with it.  We then preped papers for Ms interview that took place on Thursday.  I love having a wireless printer, I mean you have no idea.  To be able to sit down and want to print something but not have to get up and off the internet to go do it.  It makes such nice copies too.

Monday from what I recall was a lazy day.  I honestly don’t think we did anything, but I could be wrong.  Maybe that was when M went golfing, . . hmm can’t remember.  Oh now i do!  I got my hair done.  Just a more highlights and a cut.  My hair dressers called Saturday and tried to get me to switch to Sunday because she would have three people there to help her.  I told her no since I was not going to go mid day (when she wanted me to come in) on a weekend.  Learned my lesson from the 4 hour cut and color I got last time I did that(yeah, I was pissed).  So I kept my Monday appointment and for 2 hours (the reasonable amount of time for that type of appt) I was the only customer!  I am so glad I kept that appointment.

Tuesday M and my father went to the driving range while I went to the dentist.  I love the dentist but have not been able to go for over two years because of lack of insurance and a tight budget.  Found out I need a crown on a top back molar because the fillings have discolored.  One tiny cavity and oh yeah, the beginnings of gingivitis due to me not liking flossing.  They had to use the sonic cleaner to get off some plaque, heh a little painful.  We left later that afternoon for home since Wednesday we had a whole days drive in front of us.  We got home.  Got a little romantic.  Blew caution to the wind.  Now I get to wait and see if I get my period.  If I don’t and it is a girl her name shall be Esme.  If it is a boy we will re-evaluate it.

Wednesday we left for Portland.  Stopped off at a kohls and nope, no vacuum I want.  Stop off in Eugene and got this beautiful black Macbook.  It cost me 1250.00  That is with 250.00 off since this is the older late 2007 version of the black model.  Hey that didn’t bother me it is still better than the base white model and I love it.  Then I got office for Mac, apple care protection, a case (cause M kept saying get other stuff if you want more, I love him he treats me real good) and then the hard drive cause for my old laptops harddrive.  That thing is my new best friend.  It cost like 130.00 or something and saved me.  All my pictures and documents are now on my mac and when I want to I can reformat that drive and make it my external back up drive.  It is the sweetest thing in the world.

Thursday was M’s interview.  He feels good about it and so do I, but I am so afraid that they wont give it too him.  He says he was more confidant than last time and he looked it.  I have this urge to type up my two weeks notice, which I didn’t have last time.  So I hope this a good sign.  I really want him to get this, but I know that I can’t count my chickens before they hatch.  Same day we drove along the Columbia River Gorge.  It was beautiful.  Especially the waterfalls and the Observation House.  Bought some great trinkets and got some awesome pictures as shown below.  Stayed one more night there.

Friday – Drove home, one long freakin drive.  So that, it would seem, concludes my vacation.  Now I am going to go do some shopping.


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