pissed, just straight pissed


I had one sucky day at work today. It didn’t start off bad but then I got into a discussion with a coworker about the scheduling change that will take place July 1st and well, now I am mad, angry and just straight pissed. I won’t bore you with details of it, but basically two people will currently benefit while the rest of us get screwed a little bit more (some exaggeration, we don’t get screwed, just to be uncomfortable). I voiced my opinion, found out my opinion doesn’t count and realized just how much things can suck. So for the first time in the 6 months I have been working there, I felt hatred at being there. I had images of me saying “screw the scheduling problem, it isn’t my problem anymore” You know being able to quit. I have loved working there for the past 6 months. M has had a thing against that place and has always wanted to jump on my works back for any injustice they might have done against me that I never even saw. So tonight I am venting, expressing my displeasure with work. I was wanting to work through my resentment towards this place that has seeped into my mind and what I got just made it worst. I got “well, I guess you will just have to get over it” WTF?! get over it? the man who hates that place, bad mouths it constantly tells me to get over my anger towards this place. He says he hates to know I am upset at the place that I have loved working at so just wants me to get over it. How, nice and supportive. This is the longest I have lasted at a place before having unhappy thoughts about working there. 6 months, the longest. I am doing good. But I hit a snag, found a problem. Needed some support, someone to walk me through my anger and resentment and help me find a happy place and I get a wonderful “get over it.” So now I am up typing out my anger and resentment in hopes that at least this computer will show me a ibt a of what I need at 11:00pm at night. Now lets add hurt to the anger and resentment and we are on a roll.


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