Reviewed and feelin fine


The week is almost over, yay! I recieved my review today which is so nice. I recieved a .41 cent raise (not earth moving but hey) and I get back pay. I am trying to decide what to do with the back pay. The doggy decided to chew on my underwear this morning and boy did she get in trouble.

I have been feeling frustrated lately. I love M so much but we have been miscommunicating a little bit more this week. He is doing things that bug me and make me pissed or feel like he is trying to be an ass, and well I know it isn’t that, he is just upset with life a little and things are coming off wrong. Yes I am taking them more personally then I guess I need to, but I am just tired mentally and emotionally lately so it isn’t easy to let things roll off my back. I love him, nothing can ever stop that. Sometimes I just need an outlet for frustration, and how is this for ya, this morning when I got mad at the dog, I got mad. I screamed at her big time, and then after felt like my mood had been lifted and that I wasn’t has mad, not just with her but with everything. Maybe I have some more anger I need to get out.


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