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I haven’t started my period but I can feel that I am going to.  I am kind of sad.  I mean we shouldn’t have a baby yet, at least not until financially stable.  I did buy a four pack of pregnancy tests at Costco today for future use.  Just a part of me is excited […]

It has been one nice long week.  We came home Friday night which made it really a week long vacation and left us with 3 more days.  So lets see if I can’t remember a little more so that I can give a better run down of the week.  Friday the 16th we went to […]

This has been a great week.  Friday night we went down to my parents and stayed until Tuesday.  We didn’t do much except celebrated my nieces’ birthday and saw some movies (Prince Caspian was actually good, better than the first).  Mylie had such an awesome time playing with the cats and all the people.  Now […]

I had one sucky day at work today. It didn’t start off bad but then I got into a discussion with a coworker about the scheduling change that will take place July 1st and well, now I am mad, angry and just straight pissed. I won’t bore you with details of it, but basically two […]

I was reading Loveisblonde the other day and she had a link ot this site dealing with baby names. Me not have a baby or even expecting still felt the urge to look. So I did. Then this morning I went and checked out other baby name websites. Just looking, since my first like of […]

The week is almost over, yay! I recieved my review today which is so nice. I recieved a .41 cent raise (not earth moving but hey) and I get back pay. I am trying to decide what to do with the back pay. The doggy decided to chew on my underwear this morning and boy […]



Happy Monday!. My mom is such a wonderful and sweet person who heard me bitching about money and so she sent us our wedding money! EEH! So we went out and bought a Wii. I love and am so sore from playing tennis with M on it. I want more games but those will have […]