Gardening Fool


I have spent approximately 3 hours this weekend doing actual gardening and another 2 hours shopping for stuff to do the gardening.  It is such a great feeling to work hard and see a yard I hated because it looked so crappy turn into something that looks lovely and clean.  I did some major weeding yesterday.  I wish I had this one tool that I don’t know the name of but it takes care of weeds like no problem and walmart did not have it.  I also planted some flowers in a new pot and our flower bed.  Then i bough mulch today and laid it out under the roses where there was a ton of weeds prior.  It looks so much better.  Now I just need to take care of the lawn with all of it’s bare spots, weeds and crab grass.  That is going to be a big challenge. 

M went out fishing yesterday for most of the day, and now is out golfing.   He needs his fun time I know.  It just sucks not having any friends or family here that I can spend my time with when he is off having fun.

Yesterday I also rented 6 movies, 3 of which I have already watched.  Powering through.  M says we can buy a new vaccum with our next paychecks which makes me happy cause we need it.   I know M is going to come home and not want to do anything and just say “I am tired” which means I get to finish the dishes and the laundry, joy.  Oh well.  This is my life. 


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