I love to spend


I love to buy things, it makes me feel good, even better when it is on sale for a good price.  Granted I only like to spend money I have and will sit there and see things that I also want to buy and think ” I wish I had more”  but doesn’t everyone?  So Yesterday M went and hit some golf balls and got fitted for new clubs since he is big on golf and wanted a new driver.  He is get three new clubs, fitted for him and it will cost around $500 which isn’t too bad, that is his spending money so he is happy about that. 

 I went to the mall and spent my money at Kohls.  I freakin love that store.  My main purpose for going there was to buy the new TransFirmation system. I use to have the fanny lifter but could never get into it. This set has dvds that just require weights which I like a lot better. Also, I am a hard person to motivate so getting me to do 45-55min workouts when I have been doing nothing, well that is a hard thing to do. So what is great is 3 of the 4 dvds that it comes with has an express option. So instead of the 45 min work out, this morning I did the one for only 25min. I figure in a few weeks once my body gets use to the idea of working out then I will start adding in the longer workouts. So last weekend, all PMS and everything I weighed 141lbs. Such a depressing sight. However, today before my workout I weighed 137.8lb. Yay, no more water retention. This is good. So I am hoping in two weeks to see some results like they claim you will see. I haven’t been eating horrible either. I am just trying to make the right food choices. I do eat a cookie at least once a day, but figure I am allowed some treats.

I also bought at Kohls two wall hangings for the kitchen and some more kitchen towels. I love kitchen towels and don’t know why. Spent way too much money at Costco this weekend too. We have $10 to last for food until the 15th.

The pup escaped while we were gone yesterday too. Not out of the house, just out of her pen. It made me so angrey. I hate being trumped by a 6.5lb dog. I told M that I am getting out the carrier and she will just be staying in there during the day. So I held a grudge against the dog all evening. I am so mature I know. That was my exciting weekend. Now to find some more money. Cause I can do that you know.


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