No fears to speak of


I got home Monday night and through some conversation and the like that I don’t remember, M asked me to take the pregnancy test.  Ask is a kind way to put it, it was more of “will you just go in there and take the test” so I did after asking if he was sure he wanted me to use our last pregnancy test.  He was.  So I did, and I am not.  Then two hours after taking the test I started my period.  Made me laugh.  So we are good for another month, Yay!

Okay, fair warning, I am about to give to much information for some people, we are leaving PG-13 talk.  M and I were having fun one night I and might have suggested we record said fun since we had not done anything like that before.  Big ass mistake.  First, he was making fun into the recorder (dork, but I love him makes me laugh) and second I saw a side of me that depressed me.  I erased it and said when I am ten pounds lighter we can re-record.  I have so much cellulite it is disgusting.  I weigh 141lb (while on period) but need to weight 130 to look better.  So I have started doing power yoga by the firm and this weekend I am going to purchase their new system (aerobics and weights, I like that better than a fanny lifter contraption) so here is hoping to loosing some weight. 


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