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It is a great day. I just had a moment where I was standing at work and just filled with love for my husband and thinking I get to spend the rest of my life with him, my best friend. It just made me so happy. Mylie has learned to roll over and it is […]

New love


I still love M so very much, but this new section on yahoo called “shine” has introduced me to some new amazing things such as The Red Dress Shoppe. I want to buy so many of the dresses, tops and skirts. Oh what a girl could do with some major cash. I was just thinking […]

Gardening Fool


I have spent approximately 3 hours this weekend doing actual gardening and another 2 hours shopping for stuff to do the gardening.  It is such a great feeling to work hard and see a yard I hated because it looked so crappy turn into something that looks lovely and clean.  I did some major weeding […]

There has not been much to type about this past week because I lead a really boring life.  This past weekend I cleaned, but not enough.  I want to do a deep clean where I scrub in the corners but need more days off to get motivated for that.  I then did 7 loads of […]

Today at work I started thinking, and couldn’t stop. I was just thinking of myself, who I am and what I need to do to be a better person. It was just all running through my head to the point that I had to write it down and so I did. Change in my personal […]

This weekend has been so wonderfully warm.  The inside of the house is staying cool which I don’t really want because then I feel like it is freezing.  I have been doing my Firm workouts and don’t notice any changes yet but hope in another week I will start noticing muscle formation or some weightloss. […]

I love to buy things, it makes me feel good, even better when it is on sale for a good price.  Granted I only like to spend money I have and will sit there and see things that I also want to buy and think ” I wish I had more”  but doesn’t everyone?  So […]