Wish lists, like when I was a kid


Last Thursday I created a wishlist of all the things that I would like to buy.  Instead of like when I was a kid and went through the wishbook these are just things that I really want.  Money of course being a problem with most but if I get the stimulus package I should be able to get at least one big ticket item.  Here is my current list:

  • New laptop (or desktop) – either the macbook or imac
  • New printer with wireless capabilities to go with new computer
  • Computer software – Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Wii  and all of its fun toys
  • Vacuum for pet hair – the bissel pet hair eraser
  • Automatic cat feeder
  • Furniture – couch, entertainment center, bookcases
  • T.V. – flat panel HD, 42inch maybe?

The T.V. is the last thing on my list basically but I would like to get all of those.  So those are the new things I am saving up for.  M has his wishlist going too.  All those things while we are still saving money ($400 each month, we rock!  Soon it will be $500 I hope).  I just need a raise and then I can start buying some of the less expensive things right away.

This weekend was low key and I really like it that way.  I do wish my parents had come up and visited but oh well.   M and I tried a new restaurant here in town yesterday and really liked it.  It has only taken us 1 1/2 years to try it.  A lot of people go there and we were in the area so I wanted to try it and am really glad we did.  I then found out that I got paid so I bought a new summer top.  I also stocked up on cards for birthdays and holidays.  I need to find out when Lynn’s birthday is though so that I can send hers. 

Today I have just been dusting and doing laundry and being lazy otherwise.  So yup, that is my day.


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