Drama Drama Drama!


Pretty much a mundane week for me.  All work and not much play until last night. However, the drama all stems from yesterday.  A girl I work with is quitting.  Pretty much 99% of the office will be happy about because she has a really poor attitude and does not want to work.  I got excited too because I thought I would get a different shift at work but was told there is a chance she wont be replaced.  Crap.  Permanently one person short, crap.  Granted if we all got big fat raises I wouldn’t mind too much. 

I had about 1 1/2 margaritas last night because we went to a goodbye dinner for one of the guys at M’s work and I slept like crap.  I hate how alcohol does that to me.  I slept so poorly that even though the dog got to sleep with us last night, she wanted in her pen because I was tossing and turning so much.  She is now curled up in my legs.  

I tried to get my 15.99% interest rate on my credit card lowered and they wouldn’t do it!  I have had that card for 5 years and have never been late or anything.  In fact they kept increasing my limit because I was so good with them, but refused to lower my rate.  Heck, I might use my card if they lowered it.  That pissed me off.

That is the only drama I have to report.


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