Happy Easter!


So I am trying to remember all that happened, or all the thoughts I had but I don’t know how good of a job I will do.  Friday we headed out to visit family that live about 2 1/2 hours away so we got to their place around 8:30 – 9:00pm.  We took Mylie with us and left the cat.  Nothing really exciting happened that night, we went to bed around 11:30 – 12am.  We slept on the horrible futon that I wish would crash and burn.  Got up at a decent time Saturday morning, maybe around 8:30am and we fixed a great breakfast of sausage, eggs and pancakes.   Watched some t.v. and then M went and got the ribs started so I played with Mylie and made that little weiner dog run.

Around 1pm I started getting a little bored because I forgot my book and there wasn’t much to watch on the t.v. so we went outside and noticed that their yard close to the house was feeling a bit neglected so I started to do a little weeding and got into that.  I then suggested how the pathway would look nice with river rock lining the other side of it.  So we were all pitching in and moving rock and boulders, grass and the such.  We finally got finished a little after 4pm, just in time to get dinner ready.  Okay, my lower back is so wonderfully sore from doing that work.  M was being mean and giving hard massages to “ease” the pain.  Bending over is quite the chore for me, but at least I don’t have to do that often.

Sunday was fun, biscuits and gravy and bacon and then Easter egg hunts.  I say hunts because they would find them and then rehide them.  It was fun, makes me excited for the day we have kids and get to do the baskets and hunts for them.  I like the idea of having a little girl with M that is just a little darling.  Mylie had a blast and at night could barely keep her eyes open even when you picked her up, it was so cute.  Oh! and we watched Enchanted which was cute but I know I would love it more if we had a little daughter to watch it with.  One of these days, one of these days.  It was a really great weekend that I had a lot of fun. 

Then M pissed me off 10minutes after we got in the car to drive home.  I am anal about time and having the ability to rest at night before work and stuff.  I know it, he knows it.  That is why I made him promise to let Trina know we were leaving at 5pm (I told her when we first got there, I don’t think he did).   When I wasn’t working I could careless when we left, and if I don’t work again I will probably be such a wonderfully flexible person for him.  When I can’t sleep in and have a slow start to the next day then I want to get home at a decent hour.  Well, he springs it on me that he wants to stop off and see a friend and it just made me mad because he knows how I feel.  So I figured he planned it that we were already on the road to spring it on me.  if he had just asked if we could leave 15 mins earlier so he could see him I would be fine, but he didn’t and then changed the plans and anal me without liking changes got mad.  He knows this about me.  Yes he only chatted with him for like 8 min but still for me it upset me.  So I gave him the silent treatment the whole way home.  I am over it now but yeah, don’t mess with my schedule when I work the next day!

Work today was fine.  Went well for a Monday and not much to report about it.  I hope to recieve my review by April 1st when everyone is back. 

Crap, I need to get my Dad a Bday card.


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