I really never can think of a great title


Today was a decent Monday.  I swear though I think I say “I can’t complain” 40+ times a day and I need a new saying.  It was nice though because even though I am working drive up again this week it does mean I get to sleep in until 7:35am today.  Amazing how staying in bed an extra hour, even if not all sleep, makes it so much easier to wake up.

I really did not have much of an exciting day.  I looked up gardasil online at work today because the doctor that cut off my nose wart told me if I got that vaccine my warts would go away.  I am not sure though.  The studies I read today seemed to say that gardasil only prevents 4 types of hpv and that it doesn’t work for you if you are already have the virus.  So I don’t know what that doctor was talking about because it seems like that wont really work for me since i already have warts. 

My mom informed us this weekend that she can’t wait for us to have a baby.  It is just weird to think about having a baby.  One of these days when we are settled I guess, or at least that is what M says.  Granted I am not near ready to have a kid.  One of these days.

I love M but I think that I am getting on his nerves lately or something.  I don’t know.  Maybe he takes offense to some things I think or feel but I don’t know.  I just don’t know.   I love him.


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