What a great weekend


We went down and visited my parents this weekend.  I have to say it was great going home.  Friday night we went out and had some mexican food with my friend Lynn.  Service was horrible, I am sorry it just was.  First off they advertised Happy hour prices but didn’t let you know you had to be at the bar for it.  So they let us have the prices anyways. Their chip basket sizes got cut in half, pitiful.  As Lynn said when she looked at it “yep, it’s a recession.”  Can’t complain too much about the prices though.  We went out afterwards to kohls, which is my favorite department store ever, EVER.  However, they had some advertising issues that ticked M off and then Lynn and for good reason.  They had clearance racks that said 85% off  “when you take an additional 25% off the already low ticket price”.  Okay so that would lead one to believe that after you take off the additional 25% off you were getting a total of 85%.  What they were really meaning is that the item is 60% and then they are taking 25% off the already reduced price.  That doesn’t add up to 85% off total.  You can’t add 60% and 25% and say you are getting 85% because you aren’t.  That is a lie, that is false advertising and as lynn you had worked in department stores informed us is a violation of weights and measures and can get them nailed.  So we fought some of the prices on M’s purchases (I bought nothing cause I am being good).  The people even got out calculators and couldn’t figure out the math.  Finally get a manager out there who does the math too, agrees the advertising is confusing.  Claims it is suppose to be the other way (60% + 25%) but will give us the total of 85% instead.  So we need to contact corporate for them and complain about their signage.  I am sorry but it is pretty easy to make simple understanding signage.  One rack should say 60% with a small sign attached that says take an additional 25% off already low price. Done.  No where in there should there be “85%” off.  So yeah, there done with that excitment (which saved us an additional $22.00).

Saturday I had an 8:30am eye exam.  Got my new prescription and contacts are ordered.  I love having insurance I tell you.  4 boxes of contacts only cost me $25.  What a freaking deal.  I then proceeded to my doctors appointment that was at 10:30am to have my wart on the inside edge of my nose frozen again.  This Dr. however, does not like to freeze warts on noses because he says it doesn’t take.  So he wants to cut it off ::gulp::.  I have never had any cut off.  I have plantars warts on the bottom of my feet (I know, gross) for years and have had them frozen several times and they have never gone away really but my regular Dr. doesn’t like to cut them out.  Well,I was nervous but said okay.  The only part that hurt was the needle he stuck in my nose to numb it.  It is gone, gone gone gone!  And it cost the same as having it frozen!  Yes it is a little sore for a few hours after but oh well.  I now think my other doctor just wants to freeze only because it gets him more money!  I mean why get rid of it right away for $75 a pop when you can make the person come back 3-4 times at $75 a pop.  Make more money freezing.  So after that I went home grabbed M and had him drop me off to get my hair done at 12:30pm.  Okay, I love my hairdresser Ann.  I finally found one I love and trust.  They were short handed, however, on Saturday by two people.  So only two were working and it is Saturday so busy and a walk ins welcome place.  So she asked if it would be okay if she took a few cuts while she was coloring my hair.  I said sure.  She took 8 people.  I was there for 4 hours.  I love her but after the fourth person I was getting frustrated and upset.  I finally told her at hour 3 that I needed to go.  So she focused on finishing me.  I love her but next time I am making my appointment early in the morning or on a weekday. 

 On a side note M and I had the dog talk again.  He finally admitted that he does consider her his dog.  I got jipped on having a dog and it pisses me off.  I give up my dog, think I am getting a dog for me and because of the breed we compromise on he gets freaking attached and now she is his.  He screwed me over on that and has a unhealthy attachment to her (it makes him way too sad if she can’t sleep with us).  So yes, I am bugged about that.  I love him still but he has to make this up to me.

That is my weekend.  How was yours? 


One Response to “What a great weekend”

  1. 1 Lynn

    Hey girl whats up! I’m just reading your blog and think it is hilarious, sad, and funny. It’s like the diary I used to keep, or when I use to work with you and I would get to talk to you all the time. I miss you. I might be moving to OR soon or maybe not. We will see if I get the job or not. I miss you.

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