Living life


Okay, so sleep isn’t that great.  The main reason is because of the dog in the bed.  I have never slept well with animals in bed and then add in that the dog will move in between M and I resulting in me not being able to snuggle M in the middle of the night.  It sucks.  I am hoping we can move the dog out of the bed.  She is cute yes, but I want to sleep more than have a cute dog in bed.

Today at work I was being taught a new job.  It made me feel special but the thing is once I go back to the late shift I won’t have as much time.  It does make me feel good, as though they see the potential in me.

 M bought steaks for dinnner last night and tonight and dinner was absolutely wonderful.  I love that man.  He really is a great wonderful man.  I am so lucky.  He even bought me yummy cookies too.  I can’t wait to pick up my girl scout cookies this weekend.   He has lost so much weight it isn’t funny, and her I am just a chubby woman.  At least he took me by surprise and passion tonight.  That is what I want so bad is him to initiate the love making and want me.  You know that song, “I want you to want me/ I need you to need me” that is me.  I want that from him.  So it was nice for him to give that to me tonight.

I wish I had more but my life isn’t exciting.


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