Me no function with little sleep


This weekend was rather light compared to how it could have been.  Saturday we attended a wedding.  It was cute and intimate with no more than 18 people or so.  People got drunk and closer than one would think.  This one vet (cat/dog Doc) came and for the first time met a single lady at the place.  They talked a lot and got to know each other. That started around 4pm.  By 10:15pm that night they were sitting in each others laps kissing. Really, I don’t get people.

Sunday was me time.  Oh yeah baby my time.  M went back out to visit the newlyweds and friends and frankly I didn’t want to.  So I spent the day cleaning house, playing with Mylie and watching Tin Man as they ran a marathon. So for six hours I barely left my seat.

I got such little Sunday night, and then had to get up 1 hour early than I would have to because I got this weeks early shift. Which with the time change means I had to get up 2 hours earlier than I am use to. I did not perk up until after 1pm I was so out of it. I hade two cups of coffee, and I never drink coffee. I would talk to myself and broke out into hysterical laughter at one point for no reason, at all.

The end.


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