Quick and easy Monday


Today flew by thank goodness.  It was busy so the day didn’t drag on.  I miss my laptop ::Sniff::  call me stupid, I do.  If you feel the urge click the link under blog roll labeled “gift monkey”, maybe I will get a new laptop before May.  I am currently watching Little People Big Worldwhich has always interested me. I get so caught up in these people’s lives. I am such a voyeur but aren’t we all.

I really had nothing much happen today that is worth talking about, unless you count the horrible nights sleep.  I was doing okay but M wasn’t.  The cat woke him up, and it went down hill from there.  There was an owl outside (wtf?), where it came from I don’t know.  It didn’t wake me up but once M did, I could hear it and then couldn’t sleep.  Lets just say we will both be taking some Melatonin tonight and hope for a better nights sleep.

Mylie has her last puppy class tomorrow!  I am so proud of her.  She is getting much better and I think with more work she will be a great dog and have wonderful obedience.  As long as she doesn’t going running across a busy street after a bird again.

In other news my hair is really soft after changing shampoo and conditioner.  Yes, welcome to my life. 


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